Friday, March 09, 2007

Timeline of the telephone (1879-1919)

Early months of 1879 The Bell Telephone Co. is near bankruptcy and desperate to get a transmitter to equal Edison's carbon transmitter.
1879 Bell merges with the New England Telephone Company to form the National Bell Telephone Company.
1879 Francis Blake invents a carbon transmitter similar to Edison's that saves the Bell company from extinction.
2 August 1879 The Edison Telephone Company of London Ltd, registered. Opened in London 6 September 1879.
10 September 1879 Connolly and McTighe patent a "dial" telephone exchange (limited in the number of lines to the number of positions on the dial.).
1880 National Bell merges with others to form the American Bell Telephone Company.
1882 A telephone company --an American Bell affiliate-- is set up in Mexico City.
1885 American Telephone and Telegraph Company AT&T is formed.
1886 Gilliland's Automatic circuit changer is put into service between Worcester and Leicester allowing for the first Operator dialing allowing one operator to run two exchanges.
13 January 1887 the Government of the United States moves to annul the patent issued to Alexander Graham Bell on the grounds of fraud and misrepresentation. Bell remanded for trial.
1889 AT&T becomes the overall holding company for all the Bell companies.
November 2, 1889 A. G. Smith patents a telegraph switch which provides for trunks between groups of selectors allowing for the first time, fewer trunks than there are lines, and automatic selection of an idle trunk.
10 March 1891 Almon Strowger patents the Strowger switch the first Automatic telephone exchange.
30 October 1891 The Strowger Automatic Telephone Exchange company is formed.
3 May 1892 Thomas Edison awarded patents for the carbon microphone against applications lodged in 1877.
3 November 1892 The first Strowger switch goes into operation in LaPorte, Indiana with 75 subscribers and capacity for 99.
27 February 1901 United States Court of Appeal declares void Emile Berliner's patent of the Bell telephone system
1915 Vacuum tubes used in coast-to-coast telephone circuits.
25 January 1915 First transcontinental telephone call, with Thomas Watson at 333 Grant Avenue in San Francisco receiving the call from Alexander Graham Bell at 15 Day Street in New York City.[1]
1919 AT&T installs the first dial telephones in the Bell System, in Norfolk, Virginia. The last manual telephones in the system were not converted to dial until 1978 when the last of the first bell phones were no longer made.